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What Do SEO Consultants Do?

By   2016-05-25

Do you have a website? Does it get visitors? Where do those visitors come from? Are they profitable? How could you improve ROI? These are just some of the questions that can be answered by an SEO consultant. A full SEO consultant will help you achieve success through different SEO packages and strategies. There is a whole range of tasks SEO consultants should undertake to bring success to your site, and I want to go through some of them today.

Functions of SEO consultants

Keyword analysisdgfhfghdgj

Keyword analysis is the first step to any successful online marketing project and is more important than some might think. It is more than simply getting a list of keywords; it goes hand in hand with designing your site and deciding where certain keywords will fit in. Unfortunately, not all keywords are equal, and many are unprofitable. A consultant will aim to optimise your site using tried and tested strategies.

An overview of your site

An overview of your site will then be next step checking aspects such as broken links and redirects. Also, the general structure of your site should be checked to ensure it is compatible with major search engines. This is an underestimated part of SEO and tweaks in this area will make a big difference for your site.

‘On page’ optimization of your website

The next step will be the actual ‘on page’ optimization of your website. This includes focusing your main keywords in the most important areas of your pages, i.e., title tag, meta, heading and body tags. The file names of your site will also be optimised in line with the chosen keywords.

Link building

Link building is vbncbvncbvan important part of SEO and will give around 56 percent weight to your ranking factors. An SEO consultant will look to build links from quality relevant sites in an ethical manner. This helps with not only traffic but
also adds to your link popularity which in turn will increase your rankings.

There are so many complex aspects of the role of SEO consultants, and all need to be effectively engaged to get the best from your site. If you are going to pay someone to work on your site make sure they are going to take on the whole process of optimisation and not just certain aspects, as doing half a job will not yield a profitable result.