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What is the human health?

By   2015-11-20

Human health is the relative state that entails being whole considering the proper functioning of human body.

It depends on the situation and environment a person is subjected in a manner that he or she may have a good or bad human health.

Health has been considered to be a primary measure of what a person can do and achieve his goals.

Human health is determined by a person’s relationship with chemical, physical and biological nature of the particular environment.

Human health is categorized into two aspects which are the physical and mental health.


  • Physical health

Physical health is a situation whereby a person has a good body health.

Having good body health requires a person`s consistency and determination. Good physical health is always achieved by engaging in regular physical activities, having adequate rest and eating nutritious food.

Moreover, it ensures a person`s standard of living and quality of life is improved.

It also causes a positive increase in weight and height.

Physical health can be affected by activities that cause ineffective bodyweight management, drug abuse, alcohol abuse, bad hygiene, irresponsible sexual behavior and not getting enough sleep.

Physical health can also be divided into structural and chemical health. Structural health refers to having sound muscles, organs, and bones.

fruit-1213041_640These body structures perform their required functions correctly.

Structural health is attributed to a person`s body mass index, height/weight ratio, resting plus rate and recovery time after a strenuous exercise.

Chemical health entails proper functioning of the chemicals in the body which is characterized by the right balance of nutrients in a person`s body, and there are no toxic chemicals in the body.

Chemicals can get into a person’s body through the skin and may hinder the general health of a person.

Besides, chemicals cause bodily harm by destroying the body cells and tissues. Other chemicals are detrimental in a manner that they directly affect the genetic material hence may increase risks of developing cancer which is a killer disease.

  • Mental health

Mental health entails both emotional and cognitive well-being of a person.runners-635906_640

Having good mental health involves the ability of a person being able to realize their individual abilities and is capable of coping up with the usual stresses of life. It also entails working fruitfully and productively while making a significant contribution to the society.

Mental health has been considered to be a person’s ability to enjoy life, achieve balance, being flexible and adapting different and environments as well as self-actualization.

Moreover, a person with good mental health can beat all he adversities and feels secure and safe.

Finally, human health is attributed to wellness which has been considered to be a state of optimal well-being which is always aimed at maximizing a person’s potential.