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Best tips when purchasing beef

By   2017-09-13

When shopping for beef in your local supermarket or butcher; it is important that you shop for high-quality beef. You can easily shop for beef in the certified centers by looking for the quality sign. The quality mark is the standard mark that assures you that the meat being sold is perfect for human consumption. Meat just like the other foods consumed by humans is sensitive, if certain things are not taken into consideration, it can lead to food poisoning. Let us explore some of the best tips when purchasing beef;

Best tips



One of the things to look for when you want to buy meat is its texture. If you are looking for steak for grilling and frying, then go for that one that has a subtle texture. Alternatively, if you are looking for beef for braising; then go for the one with a coarse texture. The texture of the meat plays a significant role on whether you will enjoy your meal or not. Most people especially the elderly love soft meat; therefore, be considerate when buying and cooking meat.


Ensure that you buy steak from the butchery or supermarket that removes the bluish membrane from the meat. When the bluish layer is not removed from your beef, it will tighten upon being cooked. This will make the beef tough to chew during eating. It is, however, advisable to cook the meat with the bluish membrane for up to three hours if you do not want it removed. When you cook your meat for prolonged periods, it will turn into a jelly which is soft and delicious.


Before purchasing beef, ensure that you look at its grain. The grain refers to the direction of the muscle fiber of the meat. Your meat should be cut across the grain and not along the grain. The cutting should be done after the meat has been cooked.

Consistent butchery

Be consistent with a particular butchery or supermarket that sells quality meat. Develop a good rapport with the butcher, and always address him nicely. When you become friends, you can be rest assured that the butcher will always ensure that you get high-quality beef.

Beef on display


Go to a beef dealer who has displayed his beef correctly. From this, you can quickly decide whether you will buy the beef or not. The skilled butchers always displays the best quality beef for the customers to see, because people are attracted by good things. Ensure that the meat has smooth edges and is of even thickness. Watch the video below for more information on the same;