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Tips on How To Take Care of Your Shaft Seal

By   2016-06-02

Taking care of your shaft seal helps to enhance its performance and make it more durable. With the right maintenance tips, you will be sure of saving money on the repair costs of the seal and the o ring. Keeping that in mind, here are some ideas for proper care and maintenance of the shaft seal.

Best tips

Inspect the bellow regularly

Professionals advise that you should carry out a regular inspection of the bellow to ensure that it doesn’t have ghghghgdghghgcracks, it hasn’t worn out, or it has not been corroded by chemicals. Ideally, inspect the bellow, at least, two times in a year. This will ensure that it is in a good condition and that it functions correctly. Replace the bellow after six years, in spite of its condition.

Replace the bellows when necessary

Even though the bellows can last for over five years, you will need to replace them, if they are in the same area as the non-sealed batteries. The battery will release gas when it is charging, which will then cause some black mist coming from the shaft seal. This can also affect the surface of the shaft seal, which can cause some leakage.

Replace the old seals

Having old and worn out seals can affect the entire seal shaft and it can cause water to leak into your boat. The best thing is to replace the old seal and carefully fit in new seals. This also will enhance the condition of the seal shaft. Start by unscrewing the seal with a small screwdriver. As you do so, be gentle to avoid damaging the housing.

Lubricate the seal shaft regularly

Seal shafts that have no proper lubrication can cause friction, which will affect the surface of the seals. Also, it can corrode the parts of the seal and lead to leakage in the boat. Ideally, use the designated lubricant and pour it through the lubrication line. Lubricating the seal parts is easy, and you will not have a hard time doing that.

Use a proper lubricant when assembling

hhghhhghffgWhen you are assembling the seals, you need to use the right lubricant before you start assembling the parts. Some professionals recommend petroleum jelly as a lubricant while others recommend a light mineral or compressor oil. Whichever you use, make sure that it will deliver the right lubrication for your seal shaft.

Proper care and maintenance of the shaft seal help to save money and also avoid inconveniences. It will also limit the leakage of water into the boat, which might make it sink. Ensure that you use the right supplies when handling your seal shaft to avoid damaging it.