Potty Training – Key Signs to Watch and How to Start

By   2016-05-03

Whether you like it or not as a parent it comes a time when you have to potty training for your child. However, before you start, there many indications that determine when its time. It is advisable to try Start Potty Training program. Whether the start comes later in life, you will get some signs from your child. In fact, this is the time when they are eager to please and start being independence. But what are some of the signs to show that a child is ready?

Potty training readiness signs

Changing fewer diapers- before reaching the age of kmb53red5t26ye72u8220 months most children pee a lot that expecting them to control their bladders is unrealistic. However, if the toddler starts staying for an hour or two without wetness, he is probably prepared for the training.

He doesn’t want dirty diapers- At some point, you will find that the child is eager to escape his soiled nappy as soon as possible. This is the best chance to start the training.

He can perform simple undressing- When the child is now ready to pull quickly down his trousers or underwear then maybe it’s the correct time. Girls should be able to pull up their skirts in a flash.

His bowels movements are predictable- Whether he has bowel movements right before bed or in the morning after meals or if he starts having a regular rhythm it means it’s time to pull out the potty.

He understands a bathroom language- Normally, you will know that its time when he understands and can use the family’s word for bathroom functions and any associated body parts.

He wants live demonstration- If the baby starts paying a lot of attention to what you do in the bathroom or sometimes follows you to the toilet to have a look at what you do, this is the best time.

How to start the training

When the baby is prepared to start, you should ensure that it is a huge occasion. You should mark the beginning of things such as pull ups, potty chair, and training pants. Do not worry about the fast and hard deadlines. Irrespective of what others told you there is no best time to start the training. Most children start showing the above signs when they are around 18 to 24 months. Once you start the process, it should take about eight months.

With a little hnb52t3e6dt72y7u28creativity and a positive outlook, you will succeed. Look for how to inspire your child’s early interest. You can engage him in fun activities such as decorating the chair, giving gifts, or making a special potty progress. Every time you child does it well do not forget to praise and reward him especially at the start of the training. However, in case your baby is stuck, don’t worry, this is natural. Also, if he loses interest, hold it off for some few weeks before bringing it back again.

Potty training is an important development process in a child’s life. Remember, no amount of training can enhance those achievements to happen before time. If you want to have an easier and a happier time, ensure that you be patient until the child is can start potty training.