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5 Ways GPS Tracking Can Improve Your Business

By   2016-08-02

GPS tracking is necessary for both small and large transport companies. Introducing GPS tracking into your business will go a long way in enhancing efficiency in your operations. You will also be able to improve the safety and security of your trucks as well as the items in transit. As such, it is necessary to get a reliable company to offer the tracking services. The gps vehicle tracking device provided should be of high quality and also in line with the industry standards. It should enable you to trace our employees and vehicles from the comfort of your office.

Why GPS Tracking?

Streamlining Business OperationsaDdfghjc

GPS tracking software plays an important part in optimizing business operations. As such, it helps you improve the transit process and simplify the transactions. The wireless GPS trailer tracking also assists in maximizing asset utilization, enhance the image of the company.

Reducing Shipping Expenses

GPS trailer tracking devices help in optimizing shipping costs as the cases of missing items are significantly reduced. You will also get billable fuel surcharge when you get correct measurements for the fuel used. The trailer tracking devices also provide real-time records of transactions, which ultimately improves your cash flow and margins.

Improve Service Delivery

You can get data based information at the right time and place using the GPS trailer tracking systems. This means that you are always in control of your assets. Thus, you can reduce downtime, avoid fines as well as improve your CSA score. Unnecessary search and rescue missions are also avoided by using the tracking systems. Ultimately, the improved bottom line performance will enhance customer satisfaction.

Better Profits

dcvfgdhfDWith a good tracking company, you can increase the revenue streams of your business. Asset utilization and reduced complaints will enhance the image of the firm. With a clean record, your business stands a better chance of having more customers and better profits. Besides, you will also benefit from a cost-effective electronic data record of your assets. The trailer tracking system will also help to reduce wastage as well as disputes with clients.

Better Business Prospects

Compliance, regulations requiring fleet companies to have GPS systems will improve the image of your business to potential customers. It will also improve the prospects for your business. Besides, adopting GPS technologies helps you to enhance the efficiency of your transport business. The GPS trailer tracking systems will help to reduce your costs, avoid unnecessary fines, as well as improve the company image.

Benefits of Facility Management Software

By   2016-04-01

This a software allows you to manage efficiently space information and people for your facilities. The facility management software makes it easy and quick to plan and execute moves, manage space allocation, generate in-depth reports, and personal charges as well as satisfy all emergency preparation requirements. While there are several different software out there for managing facilities, the best one should provide significant features to make it the right choice for you.

Benefits of facility management software

1. Manage Assets and Locationshdkfjsdkfjskhfs

The best facility manage system can help you optimize space manage your asset life cycles quite effectively. It helps you incorporate your CAD drawings easily into your analysis, then produce statistics of net internal area’ and quickly establish replacement, depreciation and purchase values through an asset register.

2. All Facility Information in One Place

The good software brings together all financial expenditure, maintenance history, health and instructions, asset information, and other crucial documents into one place. Avoid paper filing systems and multiple data locations.

3. Improves Communication with Your Client Base

Another advantage of this web portal is that it provides external and internal clients (individuals or companies) to book meeting rooms, check when maintenance is due, log issues and then track to resolution and more.

4. Automate Regular Time-Consuming Activities/Tasks

Software for managing facilities are designed to create efficient workflows, which ensure specific activities/tasks are executed automatically to save time. For instance, use this functionality to email and print reports, update all your clients and staff on work status, generate work orders and allow work orders to be completed through the web portal or their mobile.

5. Increase Workforce Productivity

The right app and intelligent scheduling tools can help increase workforce productivity in many ways: avoid rekeying of maintenance timings and actions, reduce traveling time, and report against any typical resolution times.

6. Create Strondfhkhsdkjhfsg Partnerships with Your Clients and Service Suppliers

With this software, you can automatically inform suppliers when work is due, offer them access to the internet portal to let them document when the job is completed, inform you when any work is overdue and track progress as well. Give your clients real information on your regular report updates, full asset history visibility and work progress.

7. Minimize Your Maintenance Costs

Easily track reactive maintenance cost and frequency to help you make well-informed business decisions regarding your asset replacement and planned maintenance schedules.