Botanical Oil For Face Care

Making a choice on suitable botanical oils can be quite a daunting task given that there are hundreds of them in the market. However, choosing the right botanical oil is necessary if you want to get the best results. Here are just some pointers that will help you to choose suitable botanical oil. Visit for more information on botanical oils.

Shelf life

hghghgggwqHaving botanical oil with a longer shelf life is necessary. You spend a lot of time preparing the plant extract, and it will be such a waste to go through all that process only for the extract to last for a short period. If you want your botanical oil to last for a long time, then you should not use oils that have high iodine content. Such oils tend to shorten the shelf life of your plant extract. Always make sure that you choose a botanical oil with a reasonable shelf life.


Getting oil with the right scent is important. Applying oil that has a strong inherent smell will limit your application of the oil. Make sure that you choose a botanical oil that has a mild scent. Using a mild scent will not interfere with your herbal infusion. The carrier oil you are using should be neutral. Choose a scent that you will want to have in your finished product.


The color of the botanical oil is one of the important factors that you should consider. When making your macerations, you should stay clear off oils like hemp seed, avocado, or buriti oil. The reason is that such oils will significantly affect the color of your end product. The botanical oil color is important if you want to benefit from therapeutic properties. Using oils like avocado will leave your extract with a green color, and you do not want that. Therefore, there is no doubt about the importance of choosing the right color.

Thermal stability

hghghghghghghgThermal stability is also a factor that you need to consider when choosing botanical oils. In case you are going to prepare a maceration using the hot process, you have to make sure that the oil has the right thermal stability. The oil should be able to withstand heating. It is advisable that you choose the oil that will not oxidize when it gets into contact with heat. The oil must have excellent thermal stability. The thermal stability will make sure that your work does not become a waste of time.